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Opening and Welcome Address


Results and Findings of the 2023 Chandler Good Government Index by the CGGI Team


Panel Session: What is Government’s Role in Navigating the Polycrisis?

The shockwaves of geopolitical tensions, supply-chain disruptions and the pandemic have brought to the forefront a polycrisis, presenting numerous interconnected challenges that governments need to address urgently.

Join our distinguished panel of practitioners and experts as they discuss the role of governments in navigating the polycrisis. Our panellists will share their insights and experiences on how governments can build strong public institutions to effectively respond to crises, enhance planning and coordination, tighten financial management and build a vibrant economy, accelerate digital transformation, reinforce healthcare systems, and build up climate resilience.

Alun Evans CBE

Founder, ATBE Consulting

Former Head of Strategic Communications at
10 Downing Street,
Government of the UK

Anne-Marie Slaughter


New America

Ang Swee Hui

Deputy Permanent Secretary (Professional)

Ministry of Health,
Government of Brunei

Manu Bhaskaran


Centennial Group International

Melissa Low

Research Fellow

Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions,
National University of Singapore (NUS)


Closing remarks



Chandler Good Government Index


The CGGI website allows you to interact and dive deeper into the data — you can explore country profiles, compare countries and customise the index. You can also find stories and insights pieces on governance, and contributions by government practitioners.


The CGGI report provides an in-depth analysis of the 2023 results, and a better understanding of the philosophy, methodology and framework of the Index. You will also find practitioner interviews and essays.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary provides an overview of the Index's purpose, methodology, construction and results.

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